Welcome.  My little part of world is not terribly exciting, but I can promise you that you will be the first to know what’s on my mind.

I suspect you would like to know a little about me?  You’re about to hear the things I don’t tell people, so you should feel privileged…though I suspect that you’re scared of what you’re about to hear.

I’m about to tick over to fifty-four years old.  When I was twelve, I thought I would be dead by now so I guess that’s a bonus. 

I live with my sister, yes, I am that wonderful old-fashioned word that in days of yore was interchangeable with failure.  I’m a spinster and in days of four divorces and five weddings it really doesn’t feel like I’ve failed at anything.  We live in the country and in the middle of a cattle property. 

We have twelve cats and run a small no-kill cat rescue.  We also have two dogs.  I’m sure that in the future you’re all going to be heartily sick of seeing our animals and hearing about their crazy antics.

I suspect the reason for my spinsterhood – aside from the fact that I’m more socially awkward than the devil in a room full of angels, is down to the fact that I’m more hobbit than human.  In appearance and behaviour no less.

What do I do for amusement?  Not much, read voraciously, binge watch tv shows, attend fan conventions like the geek that I am and pretend to write.

Being that I have Lady Caroline Lamb and Barbara Cartland in my not so distant family tree it shouldn’t be a surprise that I write.  I feel like I want to write a crime thriller, but great Aunt Barbara must have instilled a romance bent in me that I can’t fight.

That brings me to my works in progress.  Primarily, and the one I’m working on first is a series of fifteen books that I already have plotted.  Hockey Romance.  The first is about Deacon, goalie of my created team, the Portland Pioneers, and his man crush turned lover Konstanin.  Kon was traded to the Pioneers from the KHL when it was discovered he was gay.  His father, an ex-skating hero in his country, a stern and harsh authoritarian got his son away from their draconian laws the only way he knew how.  So now Kon and Deke are navigating their way through a romance in the opening book of the Net Worth series.

After that I have fourteen more, that lead into a four book series of Rock Star Romances which are also plotted and ready just for me to write them.

Totally different to that I have a crime romance series set on a tiny island in the Puget sound, Vashon Island.  I have a close friend who runs a bed and breakfast there and it’s the perfect setting for my historical romance author to find all sorts of scrapes to get herself into with her friends.

Finally, I have two standalones.  One set in WWII and one that starts in the present and moves back to WWII.  The first is about gay lovers just after the bombing of Pearl harbor.  That one is basically plotted just waiting on some research details, so it’s shelved for now.  The second is a time travel story.  The heroine is a gulf war hero doctor who suffers from PTSD, the hero is a WWII flying ace who takes off on the morning of the battle of midway and ends up crashed on the heroine’s property.  She patches him up and they both negotiate their way back to the island of Oahu days before Pearl Harbor.  I started writing that 10 years ago, way before I had even heard about Outlander and was disturbed by the similarities so I shelved that one indefinitely, which is sad really because it’s three quarters written and I’m sure they’ll be loved.

Okay enough of me rambling about my stuff.  I’ll be posting weekly, more often if I need to get something off my chest.  It’ll be on my Tuesday if you’re desperate to check back.

Ciao, my people.

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