What’s your Process?

After the depressing topic of last post, I thought I might touch on my hockey romance series this time.

I’ve always wanted to write romance. I grew up in the times of teen romance novels.  For the life of me I can’t remember the name of the series, but I can tell you it’s not sweet valley high.  They weren’t connected in any way, except by the fact that they were published by the same publisher.  Think similar to all the different Harlequin imprints but all sweet and tender and meant for teens.  That was when I found my true nirvana of teenage novels. From there I moved through all the harlequin imprints and onto black lace, somewhere in there I discovered that I wasn’t the only one in the world that wrote fanfic (when I discovered that I didn’t even know it was called fanfic).

I have always written, but funnily enough, I’ve never journaled or kept a diary.  My mother would take any thing she found written and twist it to use against you.  But I digress.  I first wrote for a tv series called Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, then moved on writing Real Person fic.  Funnily enough I didn’t know that existed either, but that was mostly about bands that I followed in the 80’s in Australia.

There was a time that I can’t remember what I wrote but sometime around there I discovered the internet and that, as I’m sure it did for everyone, changed my life.  I met likeminded fans and we wrote RPG’d our way through The Young Riders, Magnificent Seven, Lord of the Rings and Hawaii Five-0.  Some of those people have been my friends for more than twenty years and truth be told they are more family than friends to my heart.

Likewise, I’ve always been a hockey fan.  There was a time in my youth when I would sit in front of the TV late into the night and watch the teams slamming each other into the boards.  Because my mother was like she was I would sit so close to the tv that all I could clearly see was the little pattern of red/green/blue lights that back in the day populated the tv screens.  But that was the only way I could hear the excited commentary.  That was back in the days of the original teams and New York Rangers were my team. 

These days I’m a Washington Capitals fan.  My best friend and I had gone to Hawaii for some Hawaii Five-0 shenanigans and she had taken some hockey games for us to watch.  She didn’t know of my prior love for the game and since Aussie television had stopped broadcasting it, I had not so much fallen out of love with it but been denied.  She’s a died in the wool Pittsburgh Penguins fan and I at that time didn’t have an allegiance.  I was shopping for a team to love and she showed me a series of programs called the Road to the Winter Classic.  I was sold, not on the team she expected, but on the Capitals, more specifically on Tom Wilson and his then flat mate Michael Latta.  Tommy and Latts were everything that I loved about teams and mateship and it didn’t help, either, that they were pretty.

<insert tom latts pic>

Needless to say the fact that I love the Caps and she loves the Pens doesn’t do our friendship any favours.  Particularly last year when Tom had some questionable hits and broke the jaw of one of her players.  I was told ‘in the interests of our friendship please don’t mention he who’s name I won’t utter.’. In my head he’s now Tom DeMort.  

So, after all that it should be no surprise that I want to merge my two loves and write Hockey Romance, should it?  After all you know about me it should be considered typical that I have already created a whole world and even two full teams of players with partners family’s and homes.

My ex-girlfriend and best friend in the world (that doesn’t live close enough for the BFF tag) lives in Portland, Oregon and is originally from Prineville, Oregon so guess where my teams (both NHL and AHL level) are from?  My big boys are the Portland Pioneers and my Prineville team is AHL and as yet unnamed but their archnemeses are the Thunder bay Storm from, you also guessed it, Thunder Bay, Canada.

The basis of the team is the Worth Family.  The nucleus of the family is Dalton Worth and his wife Aspen Sorrenson-Worth.  Dalton is a retired hockey defenseman and he married Olympic gold medalist and ice dancer Aspen Sorrenson soon after she had a career ending injury.   They are also minority owners of the Pioneers.  They had five children who are now adults.  Bergen and Peregrine, 28, currently both the captain and assistant captain of the Pioneers.  Anton, 25, bucked the family trend and is currently an actor with a network flagship crime series.  Deacon and Sorrenson at 24 are the babies, and the fact that Sorrenson is ten minutes older is something that she wears as a badge of honor.  Deacon is the star of my first story.  He’s the Pioneers starting goalie and (for the purposes of my universe) is the only out and proud player in the league.  Sorrenson, or Sorry as she’s known is the head of the Pioneers cheerleaders, The Wheelers.

I’m pondering whether or not I should blog about the series and the cast of characters that I have in it but I’m not sure if anybody else would like to hear about the idiosyncrasies of the people that currently live inside my head.  Would you be interested in reading more about the family?  The team? 

Also considering having a weekly blog/chapter about Anton since he breezes in and out of the books in the main series but doesn’t have a book of his own.  Do you think that is stupid?  Self-Absorbed?  Amazing?  I’m curious to see what you think.

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