Back from the Abyss

It’s been a while friends.

I have no excuses other than so far 2020 has kicked my well padded ass. As I suspect it has all of yours. Whilst I’ve never been in physical danger, many of my friends have been in it’s path more often than I care to see.

A close friend was in the path of our bushfires for the better part of January. She never lost her home as a sudden wind change decided to take another town not hers, but we lost contact with her for days in the interim so we had no idea of her outcome, so that was some tense times.

Then we barely seemed to get past that and the Co-Vid virus started on its dreadful path. I’ve not been personally touched, I live with my sister and we live rurally. Since we both are immune compromised we’ve been laying low and have become quite the recluses. My best friend lost her great grandmother to it. It’s dreadful and if you’ve been personally touched you have my condolences.

The world is going to look very different after this is all over.

I’ve been writing a lot. Isolated, the first book in my series is finished and with the editors. Accidental, the second book, should end up at about sixty thousand words, it’s currently just over twenty five thousand so it has a little ways to go.

I hope to be back here more regularly. It’s been hard to work up a routine that gets me out of my pyjamas and out of the house. So in the interests of that I’ve been working on my ‘I can feed myself through the zombie apocalypse’ garden which is flourishing. If you’re interested I can share some photos.

I’ll be back sooner than last time, I promise.

Ciao, Pioneers.

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