A day in my garden

At least I’m back quicker this time.  Hopefully I’m going to get into a routine, eventually I’m looking at three posts per week.  I’m the type of person who responds best to having a schedule even if it seems pretty regimented (to me) at the start.

So, I’m hopeful that those three posts will be something about life, something about writing and the third one will be something indulgent regarding my upcoming book series.

Last time I posted, some of you said you were interested in seeing some photos of my garden.

I have big plans for my garden, but at the moment it does look very higgeldy-piggeldy, but I’m loath to use more resources from new.  I really would like to put my little self-sustainable part of the world together by not taking new resources.  To that end I’ve been trying to find wooden pallets to take apart and make into new garden beds, but they are as scarce as hen’s teeth at the moment.  So, I’ve been buying peoples second hand beds that they’ve given up on.

I’ve repurposed a bed head to protect my cabbage seedlings from nocturnal creatures

My sister and I have been keen to be self-sustainable for a while now but we’ve always been renting and the home-owners have not allowed us to put in gardens.  We are now living in a little rented house where the owner is more than happy for us to garden to our hearts content.  At the moment we have ten one-metre squared gardens and a larger bed that circles our concrete water tank.

It’s autumn in our part of the world, but I can’t remember the last time it was cold enough for me to wear a sweater even in winter, so we have a much better growing period than many parts of Australia.  Currently, I have tomatoes (Beefsteak, Roma and Cherry), cucumbers (Lebanese and Salad), Capsicum, Pumpkin (butternut and Jarrahdale), broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage (Wombok & red), Peas (snap and snow), zucchini, Beans (bush and stringless), carrots, lettuce, pineapples and brown onions.  I’ve got a lot of herbs growing too, Mint (spear, cat, Vietnamese), basil (sweet and purple), catnip, coriander, rosemary, aloe vera, thyme and parsley (curled and Italian).

Part of our kitchen herb garden
One of the well hidden fruit on our Roma Tomato plants

I’ve just put in some sweet corn and sunflowers too.  If we do have a cold snap I’m fairly confident that I have enough over garden hot houses to keep anything that is at all fragile safe from the chill.  Do you like to garden?  For food or just for flowers?  I’d love to hear your adventures.

Our cucumbers, and snow peas, with their Marigold Companions.

I also have a beehive that I’m hoping to have populated sometime this year and to that end sometime over winter I’m going to dig in a pond and surround it with wildflowers.  I have so many plans for the garden that I have trouble fitting them in around my writing and my study.

Now that y’all are completely bored with me and my garden, I shall bid you adieu. I’m off to have a piece of fresh baked banana bread and a cuppa.

Banana and Walnut bread fresh from the oven.

Ciao, pioneers.

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